Many women face various kinds of difficulties with breastfeeding especially during the first few days after birth because of inexperience, lack of information, due to various forms of pathology in breastfeeding but also because of the lack of support is from the family and social environment. The Internationally Certified Consultant Breastfeeding CBC (CBI) is a basic principle that breastfeeding is important to be an enjoyable process for both the infant and for the mother and fully understands the important role played by comprehensive, effortless and scientifically based information in combination with practical help and emotional support for the new mother.

Group Meetings

Within a circle of six group meetings covered specific topics related to breastfeeding that aims to provide the pregnant and new mother comprehensive, effortless and scientifically based information is entitled to the benefits of breastfeeding, the choices you have, the difficulties can be encountered, the pathology of the breast but also the solutions and options can have in each case.

Residents Visit

The lactation consultant can carry out a visit at home or in the hospital by appointment to help direct and individual medical queries or problems that may have arisen.

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