Breastfeeding Groups aim to provide pregnant and new mother comprehensive, effortless and scientifically based information about the benefits of breastfeeding, options that the difficulties that may be encountered and the solutions found in each case individually.

Having as our basic principle that  breastfeeding is important to be an enjoyable process for both the infant and the mother we have created a cycle of 6 meetings in order to cover different issues of breastfeeding :

15.09.16 Hospital: The right start is half the battle

08.10.16 Home: Survival Guider the first days

15.10.16 Pathology of breastfeeding: prevention and treatment

12.11.16 Upper lip tie and tongue tie: how it affects?

26.11.16 Introduction to solid foods

12.10.16 How can i wean  now?


In the courses dads are always welcome at no extra cost.

Necessary entry form by phone at 210 9414434 or by email at [email protected].

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