Childbirth Preparation Classes “EFTOKIA”

Among the many preparations that we do throughout our lives, preparing for parenthood is perhaps the most important as it helps the couple to acquire comprehensive, effortless and scientifically based information is entitled to the benefits, risks and options it has on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Each cycle consists of 9 wonderful meetings for moms and dads, covering specific topics and including experiential exercises for treating anxiety, improve breathing and relaxation.

Labor support

Of the main roles of the midwife is to support the couples for natural childbirth, if conditions permit, and support the right of the couple to govern with his own knowledge, strength and choosing how handling childbirth in anywhere they have chosen according to the birth plan.

Childbirth at Home

Investigations into the safety of childbirth at home, show that home birth increases the chances for a normal birth and reduces the risk of induction and epiplokon. This is easily explained as the home birth is not used drugs to induce or speed of delivery, resulting to reduce the chances of fetal distress or pharmaceutical use analgesia. At the maternity hospital there is the chance of hospital infection. According to the study by the National Birthday Trust Fund, the rate of postpartum infection is 25% for women who give birth in the hospital, compared with women who give birth at home, where the figure is only 4% .At home birth there are factors disrupt the normal secretion of childbirth hormones (familiar place, familiar faces, privacy) .The birth at home is an active labor which means that the woman has the ability to move, to change positions and attitudes, using natural ways of relief in childbirth, so she can manage better the pain during childbirth.

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