Maria Eleftheriadi was born on 06 March 1978 in Athens. She graduated in 2001 from the department of Management and Business Administration of the University of Piraeus  and in 2009 completed her postgraduate studies in Finance & Banking section of the Athens University of Economics. He worked as a bank clerk since 1999 in various banks until July 2013 when he resigned voluntarily in order to radically change the professional orientation and become a midwife. In this decision and so far has the key role played by the different experiences gained from the childbirth of her own children. Studying midwifery at Coventry University while is Doula (CBD, CPD), internationally certified infant massage instructor (IAIM), internationally certified Yoga instructor childbirth preparation, infant and early Yoga (Birthlight) and internationally certified Lactation Consultant CBC (CBI). Through continuing education and lifelong learning, trying to improve, both as a woman and as a professional in order to offer the best possible services to families seeking help, because she firmly believes that every woman has the right to enjoy the unique experience of pregnancy , childbirth and postpartum as she wishes with utmost respect. For this reason, in 2014 he created in New Smyrna manama-mothering the mother site, which houses a variety of services related to maternity having as main objective this space to provide a nest for pregnant women and mothers with infants and children. Complementing the philosophy mamama, both as a mother and as a professional in the field of perinatal care space created a cosmetics line that meets the needs of its own paidion.Etsi with love and respect for the child and the nature born the series’ mamama baby ‘.skopos is the development of social cohesion through mutual organization and expression groups and the creation of a collective action of practical applications for psychological support for all women and especially those belonging to vulnerable groups.

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