The Child’Space for infants and parents coming again in autumn in Mamama in N.Smirni

If you have questions about how to encourage the development of your baby at any stage if you want to strengthen your confidence in your role as parents and to find new ways to communicate, if you need to expand the repertoire of your creativity than with games and songs you use, come to group meetings Child’Space where we learn about each stage of development, respond to questions and concerns, boosts our confidence as parents, we play sing, we support the process of learning and learn to rejoice for the “little things” that really is great feats for the infant brain.

Τeacher and leader Martha Kloukina-Teacher and Motor Development Consultant certified Child’Space Practitioner

• 10.00-10.50p.m.Omada A: for infants up to 5 months.

In this course the parents are learning to support the development of babies through touch and movement. It is a mild and pleasant lesson where babies learn to lie down more comfortably in different positions such as prone, discover new moves like a roll and gripping objects. ‘All this with the help of his parents and touch through contact and communication to build together. Parents respond to questions related to the development of the infant and have the opportunity to observe positive changes in them after their participation in the sessions of Child’Space, compared with colic, emotional self-regulation, etc.

• 11.00-11.50p.m.Omada B: for babies from 5 months and over (around before starting the crawling)

In this cycle we support the learning process of each baby separately through touch, movement and song to encourage learning moves that will form the basis for independent sitting position on the transition to crawling and free walking and for other skills.

Opening: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cycle Course dates: 27/9, 4/10, 11/10, 18/10, 25/10

Investment for the benefits : EUR 90 (for 5 sessions duration: 50 minutes)


In the individual sessions Child’Space needs of infants worked so positively supported his skills and always evolving inside a booster and safe learning environment. And the parent is active in his role and enriches him without feeling that perform gymnastic exercises .The Child’Space method is effective in supporting a range of circumstances and difficulties that can be faced as a child:

  • Difficulty in prone position.
  • Delay in crawling or walking
  • Various challenges compared to crawling and other coordination
  • Low or high muscle tone
  • Torticollis
  • Raivokoilopodia
  • Issues in relation to feeding
  • Neurological issues etc.

Individual session can also choose a parent who has already attended previous cycle group meetings and wants to recall what he had done and to learn about the next stage of development of the infant.

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